School and Conference on Conformal Field Theory and its Applications

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences(IPM)

October 24-27, 2016 (3-6 Aban 1395)

This event is aimed at graduate (MSc & PhD) students and young postdocs. We will have a pedagogical series of introductory lectures (in Persian) 

on conformal field theory (CFT) at the beginning day (24 October 2016). The only requirement for non-specialists is the knowledge of advanced quantum mechanics 

at the graduate level.

The event will be continued by other series of lectures and talks on non-equilibrium dynamics and off-critical CFTs as well as conformal bootstrap. There will 

be a number of selected contributed talks along with a poster session during the event.


Deadline for Registration or Paper/ Poster Submission: October 11, 2016


Registration fee:

The registration fees are as follows which cover the lunches (for 4 days) and refreshments during the school:

Students: 500/000 Rials (50 Euros)

Postdocs and faculties: 700/000 Rials (70 Euros)

 Accommodation fee:

 Accommodation fee is 250/000 (20 Euros) Rials for each participant per night in a shared room.


The participants accepted to attend the meeting will receive the instruction for payment with the letter of acceptance.

Registration will be on Monday, October 24 in the morning at 8:00 am (one hour before the school starts).


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