Accelerator Physics Group


The activities of accelerator physics group are focused on research and advanced training in design, simulation, commissioning and operation of conventional and plasma wakefield electron accelerators. Our group accelerator physicists pursue a broad range of topics in theoretical and experimental investigations of beam dynamics, RF engineering, radiation sources, transfer lines, beam diagnostic, high power microwave amplifiers, electron guns, and ion sources.

The accelerator research group participates to a large number of international projects including CLIC and LINAC4 at CERN, and the Iranian Light Source Facility (ILSF) in Iran. Our group has performed a wide range of tasks on these projects and has contributed the beam dynamic study, tracking simulations, and the design of the electron gun and the RF components of the CLIC Drive Beam Injector. In addition, the group is committed itself to the scientific and technological progress of the ILSF program and in this regard the entire design and operation of a linear electron accelerator is performed.

As part of the program to advance the state-of-the-art in accelerator technology, the accelerator physics group has also made key contributions to the field plasma based wakefield accelerators. Our group is involved in novel accelerator science projects, such as AWAKE collaboration at CERN that uses proton beams to excite plasma waves and generating high energetic electron beams. We are looking for ways to study various challenges of the acceleration process in this project, both in simulation and analytically.

The accelerator group has a comprehensive program to train accelerator physicists for students of Iran universities. Students profit from the most experienced accelerator scientists of Iran. Graduate students can participate in each existing and proposed accelerator projects being pursued at Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM).





Faculty Members Senior Postdoctoral Researchers Postdoctoral Researchers Resident Researchers Non-Resident Researchers Students
M. Dayyani Kelisani A. Mashal (ILSF) S. Hashemi M. Aslaninejad N. Mesbah
A. Sadeghipanah (ILSF)   H. Karimi (ILSF) A. Karegarian   S. A. Mousavi
F. Saeidi (ILSF)   A. Mokhles Gerami M. Lamehi Rashti   A. Rasouli
    J. Alizadeh Nouri S. Barzegar   K. Mehvari
    S. Talebimotlagh (ILSF) S. Safari    
    S. Afhami (ILSF)    




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