Experimental High Energy Group

The Experimental High Energy group at IPM studies the fundamental interactions of elementary particles, among them the six quarks and six leptons of the standard model of particle physics.
Our activities focus on the Top physics, and low-x Physics. We also study the new physics beyond the standard model such as supersymmetry the extra dimensions.

Our faculty currently work on the energy frontier with the CMS experiment at the large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland, and the Future Circular Collider (FCC). Recently, members of the IPM group have also been involved in the Phase II upgrade of the CMS experiment at the LHC.



Faculty Senior Postdoctoral Researchers Postdoctoral Researchers Resident Researchers Technical Staff Students
M. Etesami G. Haghighat S. Chenarani (Externally funded) B .Boghrati E. Zareian S. Bashiri
M. Khakzad   E. Khazaie Gh. Fardipour F. Kargar
M. Mohammadi Najafabadi   F. Esfandi M. Ghahremani   Y. Hosseini
  M. Ebrahimi S. Tizchang   M. Sahraei
  M. Ghasemi BostanAbad (Externally Funded)   F. Almaksusi
        M. Nourbakhsh
        Z. Abdy




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