Series of Lectures on Introduction to Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences(IPM)


(Lecturer: R. Ryblewski, Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences)



Starting Date: June 3, 2021 (13 Khordad 1400)- Every Thursday at 13:00

With the latest relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments at RHIC and the LHC the study of the strongly-interacting matter in extreme conditions has entered its golden era. The understanding of the various phenomena observed in the data as well as their connections to the underlying physical properties of the system requires a broad and interdisciplinary knowledge. In this course we will develop basic concepts, models and frameworks including some elements of statistical mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and kinetic theory relevant for such an understanding.


Deadline for Registration is 8th of Khordad 1400 (May 29, 2021)


Poster Lectures Files (Lecture 1/ Lecture 2/ Lecture 3/ Lecture 4/ Lecture 5/ Lecture 6/ Lecture 7/ Lecture 8/ Lecture 9/ Lecture 10/ Lecture 11)
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