3rd IPM School and Workshop on Applied Ads/CFT
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences(IPM)
February 22-28, 2014 (3-9 Esfand 1392)

Speakers and Title of Talks

Speaker Title of Talk
N. Abbasi, IPM & SUT Holographic jet quenching in Bjorken flow
M. Alishahiha, IPM/ pdf Entanglement thermodynamics
D. Allahbakhshi, IPM/ pdf Holographic meson melting on an anisotropic background
J. David, Indian Institute of Science/ pdf Entanglement/Renyi entropies from CFT and AdS/CFT
H. Ebrahim Najafabadi, IPM/ pdf Chiral symmetry breaking: to probe anisotropy & magnetic field in QGP
J. Edelstein, University of Santiago de Compostela/ pdf Higher curvature corrections and AdS/CFT
A. Faraji, IPM & SUT/ pdf

Entanglement entropy for logarithmic conformal field theory

R. Fareghbal, IPM & Shahid Beheshti Univ./ pdf A brief review of flat/GCFT correspondence
H. Golchin, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad/ pdf Holographic duals of black rings and rotating black holes
D. Grumiller, Vienna University of Technology/ pdf Flat space holography
D. Kaviani, IPM/ pdf Warped conifolds and cosmology
Ch. Krishnan, Indian Institute of Science Chern-Simons Gravity, Souped Up
I. Lovrekovic, Vienna University of Technology/ pdf Conformal gravity holography in four dimensions
M. R. Mohammadi Mozaffar, IPM/ pdf Holographic entanglement entropy for 4D conformal gravity
K. Papadodimas, CERN Introduction to AdS/CFT
S. Prohazka, Vienna University of Technology/ pdf Towards Lifshitz holography in 3-dimensional higher spin gravity
Z. Rezaei, University of Tafresh Imaginary Part of the heavy quark potential in a hot wind in AdS/CFT
S. Rouhani, IPM & SUT Logarithmic exotic conformal Galilean algebras
N. Sadooghi, SUT/ pdf Neutral pions in hot and magnetized quark matter
M. Safari, IPM/ pdf Functional renormalization of O(N) invariant N-scalar theory
H. Soltanpanahi, Jagiellonian University/ pdf Brownian motion of a quark in anisotropic QGP
S. Raju, International Center for Theoretical Sciences
pdf2/ pdf3
State dependent operators and the information paradox in AdS/CFT
F. Taghavi, IPM Chiral magnetic wave in QCD fluid
M. Torabian, IPM On moduli stabilization and inflation in STRING-derived



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